Our most frequesnt industries requesting fleet auto insurance

We insure many different types of companies and business types with our commercial fleet auto insurance. Here is a list of our most popular or most requested.

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Construction – Special Trade Contractors
Tradesman who earns income by performing repair, improvement,
installation or maintenance services at residential and commercial
locations including new construction sites.

Construction – Builders & General Trade Contractors
Contractors or builders managing projects related to housing or
non-housing construction. They are responsible for the entire
project (new work, alterations, remodeling and repair) and hire
special trade contractors for their projects.

Courier, Mail & Newspaper Delivery
Business that earns income by completing the delivery of letters,
documents or packages for a fee. Examples include but are not
limited to:
• Medical samples • Legal documents
• Federal Express • Package Express

Dirt, Sand & Gravel
Business earns income by transporting dirt, sand, gravel or asphalt
on a for hire basis. Please verify if any state or federal filings are
required. Filing information can be found in the Underwriting Tab.
Farming & Livestock
Businesses earn income by raising livestock or agricultural production.
Examples include:
• Farming • Ranching
• Fisheries • Nurseries/Floriculture production

Food Services, Restaurants & Pizza Delivery
Business earns income by providing and selling prepared food.
Vehicles used to support business by delivering prepared food,
picking up supplies, running errands, etc.
Landscaping, Snowplowing & Firewood
Business earns income by providing Landscaping or Snowplowing
services to residential and commercial properties. Can also earn
income by delivering or selling firewood. Examples include but
are not limited to:
• Lawn care installation or maintenance
• Snow removal (residential/commercial)
• Tree trimmers • Delivery of firewood

Logging, Log Transport & Sawmills
Business earns income working in the logging industry or operating
a sawmill. Please verify if any state or federal filings are required.

Establishments engaged in the mass production of products.
Manufacturing does not include logging and sawmills, which
is a separate category.

Applicant uses vehicle for personal use only, no income is earned.
Examples include but are not limited to:
• Personal auto titled in the business name
• Vehicle not acceptable on a personal policy
• Vehicle used to haul: travel trailer, boat, historical vehicles, race
• Stake truck hauling firewood for personal use
• Dump truck for clearing own land
Passenger Transportation (Not for Hire)
Business earns income through a service to their customers. Passengers
are transported as a courtesy and are incidental to the
way the business earns a profit. Transportation of passengers is
not done on a for hire basis. Acceptable risks may include taxicabs,
transportation of prisoners or reform school students, transporting
of children to and from school, all for hire livery/passenger

Retail Trade Operations
Sale of goods in small quantities to public.

Business earns income by providing a service or selling goods. Vehicles
used to support business by delivering goods, picking up
supplies, running errands, etc.

Towing Services, Gas Stations & Auto Repair
Establishments primarily engaged in providing towing services and
auto repair.

Trucking & Transportation of Goods
Business earns income by manufacturing or transporting raw materials,
goods or equipment. Risks hauling hazardous materials
or explosive materials are acceptable.

Wholesale Trade
Establishments primarily engaged in mass distribution of durable and/or non-durable goods to retailers.