SIC Class Codes for Commercial Truckers

Truck Insurance Classification Codes And Descriptions: How Correctly Identifying Your Company Saves Money On Commercial Truck Insurance Policies Truck insurance is an essential component of any commercial trucking business. It provides protection against financial losses that may result from a variety of risks, such as accidents, theft, and weather-related damage. In order to ensure that … Read more

Internal Company Fleet Managers

Take a look at a day in the life of a vehicle fleet manager. The life of an internal company fleet vehicle manager is often one of hustle and bustle. With a wide range of tasks including dealing with customer complaints, coordinating vehicle maintenance, and keeping track of expenses, the job requires both skills and … Read more

Fleet Insurance 5 or More Vehicles

Insure The Fleet has small to large fleet insurance products to insure Semi's, Box Trucks, Delivery Vans, mixed contractor vehicles and sedans.

The number of companies in the US with 5 or more vehicles is an important factor in understanding the impact of auto transportation on the country’s economy and workforce.   This number provides a reliable indication of the nation’s automotive industry, as well as its economy in general. The presence of more vehicles indicates an … Read more

Bread Truck Fleet Insurance Brokers Offer Affordable Solutions

How to buy commercial fleet auto insurance for bread delivery trucks.   Fleet auto insurance coverage is essential for any business that owns and/or operates a fleet of vehicles. This coverage is designed to protect businesses from losses resulting from the operation of a commercial fleet. As the business owner, you are responsible for obtaining … Read more

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Insure The Fleet has small to large fleet insurance products to insure Semi’s, Box Trucks, Delivery Vans, mixed vehicles and sedans. Get a free review and expert guidance with your companies’ fleet insurance needs today. We also have many more types of commercial insurance policies available to help you be properly insured. We offer some … Read more