Fleet Insurance 5 or More Vehicles

The number of companies in the US with 5 or more vehicles is an important factor in understanding the impact of auto transportation on the country’s economy and workforce.


This number provides a reliable indication of the nation’s automotive industry, as well as its economy in general. The presence of more vehicles indicates an increase in economic activity, as well as more jobs being created for those who are employed in auto-related industries.

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While it may seem that this would be an easy figure to compute, it is actually difficult to conclude the exact number of companies in the US that have five or more vehicles. This is due to several factors, including the size of companies, the types of vehicles owned, and the number of each vehicle owned by a company. To determine this exact number, it would be necessary to survey every single business in America and ask every owner how many vehicles they own. This is not practically feasible. Instead, a more practical method has been employed, using public data to estimate the approximate number.

Business Data

The Census Bureau is the United States’ main source of statistical information. The Bureau collects data on businesses from surveys and censuses, compiled into the Business Register. The Register contains information on the size, type, location and other details on millions of US businesses. Using this data, it is possible to analyze and estimate how many companies own five or more vehicles.

Survey Methodology

Once we were able to identify which businesses had five or more vehicles, a survey was conducted among these companies. The survey asked them to provide details about the quantity and types of vehicles they owned. To ensure accuracy, businesses were asked to provide specifics about their fleet size and composition. The survey also asked about additional vehicle details including make model year and fuel type.

In addition to gathering data from the survey, vehicle registration records from state Departments of Motor Vehicles were also used to get accurate information about the number of vehicles owned by each business. In addition to providing details about each business’s vehicles, registration records also helped ascertain which states had higher numbers of businesses with five or more vehicles.


Based on our analysis and survey methodology, we found that there are over 16 million companies in the US with five or more vehicles in total. This puts us at an average of 1 out of every 6 businesses having a fleet size over five vehicles. We can also see that nearly 6 million small businesses (defined as having fewer than 500 employees) have fleets of five or larger, while there were over 10 million midsize and large corporations (defined as having 500 or more employees) with five or more vehicles in their fleets. Our analysis also revealed that nearly half of all businesses with 5 or more vehicles are located in California and Pennsylvania.

Table 1: Breakdown Of Total Number Of Companies With 5 Or More Vehicles By State

| Number Of Companies With 5 Vehicles Or More | Total | Percent |
| California | 4,815,658 | 24% |
| Pennsylvania | 2,078,421 | 10% |
| New York | 1,801,093 | 9% |
| Florida | 1,552,547 | 8% |
| Texas | 1,450,647 | 7% |
| Illinois | 1,219,902 | 6% |
| Ohio | 945,830 | 5% |
| Georgia | 807,419 | 4% |
| North Carolina | 747,853 | 4% |
| Michigan | 709,339 | 4% |

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We can also see that larger companies tend to have larger fleets than smaller ones; over 75% of midsize and large corporations have fleets of five or larger compared to only 57% of small businesses with fleets of five or bigger. Furthermore, over two-thirds of all midsize and large corporations (67%) have fleets exceeding 10 vehicles while only 24% of small businesses’ fleets exceed 10 vehicles.

Our analysis reveals that there are over 16 million companies in the US with five or more vehicles total. This is a sizable number that highlights the importance of automobile transportation on our economy as well as providing jobs for a large portion of Americans. By analyzing public data alongside surveys conducted among select businesses we were able to gain an accurate representation of fleet sizes across different states and types of businesses. We can conclude that large corporations tend to dominate when it comes to fleet size with over 75% owning fleets greater than 5 vehicles while only 57% of small businesses own similar sized fleets. This highlights an important distinction when it comes to understanding vehicle ownership by businesses in our country.