Internal Company Fleet Managers

Take a look at a day in the life of a vehicle fleet manager.

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The life of an internal company fleet vehicle manager is often one of hustle and bustle. With a wide range of tasks including dealing with customer complaints, coordinating vehicle maintenance, and keeping track of expenses, the job requires both skills and time management. In this article, we will take a closer look at a day in the life of an internal company fleet vehicle manager. Through exploring the duties and responsibilities of this role, we will gain insight into how the manager maintains a demanding schedule, solves problems, and keeps up with the demands of the position.


A typical day for an internal company fleet vehicle manager starts early in the morning when they arrive at the office to review any emails that need to be addressed. In addition to answering emails, the autumn morning may involve organizing a stack of employee documents that require attention. The manager then spends the morning addressing complaints from customers who may have had issues with their vehicles or services from the fleet. The fleet vehicle manager can use their resources and contacts to help locate necessary parts or information to help resolve these disputes to ensure customer satisfaction is kept intact.

Before lunch, the manager also has to check any bills they’ve received in order to verify and process payment. The internal company fleet vehicle manager typically handles all payments related to the company’s vehicles such as gas, oil changes, maintenance, and repairs. After verifying the payments, they review any discounts that could be applied to the cost of these services and apply them if necessary.


As lunchtime approaches, the internal company fleet vehicle manager begins their afternoon tasks by addressing any scheduling issues related to their vehicles. This involves ensuring that each vehicle meets its basic needs as far as maintenance or repair is concerned. This ensures that vehicles are ready for use when needed and that any unexpected breakdowns are avoided. After this task is taken care of, the fleet vehicle manager typically has some time to sit down and create a plan for managing any upcoming events or projects the company might be involved in.

When afternoon hits, the internal company fleet vehicle manager begins to move on to developing policies for the department and planning out budgets for any upcoming events or projects related to their vehicles. This is a vital part of managing expenses related to maintaining and operating a fleet. Once this task is completed, they typically have time left to review employee reports on use and fuel efficiency of their vehicles as well as tracking repairs or other services that have been completed over time.


By the end of the day, the internal company fleet vehicle manager has spent time addressing customer complaints, payments, scheduling issues, budgeting, and tracking repairs. While this may seem like a lot of work for one day, the reality is that this type of job requires dedication and focus. To close out their day, they typically take some time to create reports on vehicle use and performance to track any trends that may arise from these reports or from customer feedback. They also spend this time analyzing any costs that may need to be cut in order to increase efficiency and lower expenditures overall.


The day-to-day life of an internal company fleet vehicle manager is varied yet rewarding. From tackling customer complaints in the morning to budgeting in the afternoon, there is plenty of opportunity for innovative problem solving in this role. Additionally, tracking repairs over time leads to further insight into ways in which one could improve efficiency and satisfaction for customers and stakeholders alike. As a result, those interested in becoming an internal company fleet vehicle manager should always remember that dedication and hard work will pay off.